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Cold vs. Allergies

Spring is the time of year for seasonal allergies.
As the trees start to bloom and the pollen is
released into the atmosphere, allergy sufferers
begin their annual ritual of sniffling and sneezing.
Each year, 58 million Americans fall prey to
seasonal allergic rhinitis, more commonly
known as hay fever.

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2016-2017 Missouri School Immunization Requirements

Flu Basics

What is influenza (also called flu)?

The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses that infect the nose, throat, and lungs. It can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death. The best way to prevent the flu is by getting a flu vaccine each year.

Signs and symptoms of flu

People who have the flu often feel some or all of these signs and symptoms:

Fever* or feeling feverish/chills
Sore throat
Runny or stuffy nose
Muscle or body aches
Fatigue (very tired)
Some people may have vomiting and diarrhea,
though this is more common in children than adults

*It’s important to note that not everyone with flu will have a fever.

How flu spreads

Most experts believe that flu viruses spread mainly by droplets made when people with flu cough, sneeze or talk. These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby. Less often, a person might also get flu by touching a surface or object that has flu virus on it and then touching their own mouth, eyes or possibly their nose.



Attention Parents:

Missouri State Law, Section 210.000, RSMo. requires all children attending public, and private school to be adequately immunized, or to have a religious or medical exemption card on file. A medical exemption requires a physician’s signature.

Students who are not completely immunized or do not have an exemption form on file will not be allowed to attend school. Please check with your child’s physician or the Howell County Health Department at 417-256-7078 to make sure your child is up-to-date on all vaccinations.

7th grade parents: All students are required to have DTAP Booster.

All 7th grade students are required to have one dose of Meningococcal to enter 8th grade.